Brand PacifiClear
Manufacturer Part Number F008025025PC
Manufacturer Description 25LB TRICHHLOR CHLORINE
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Size 25 Lb.
Type Tablet
Package Quantity 1
Form Tablet
Contatiner Size 25 lb
UPC 00758293590875

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3 In. Trichlor chlorinating tablets are self stabilized with a built in stabilizer containing cyanuric acid, which helps prevent sunlight from degrading the chlorine. 90% available chlorine is released when the product is dissolved in water and works continually to kill bacteria, control algae, and destroy the organic contaminants in water. Upon contact with chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized. Simplifies pool care with long lasting routine chlorination via convenient skimmer, feeder, or floater application. Gentle on pool equipment and surfaces. Ideal for all pool surfaces. Clears up hazy water and helps prevent future algae growth.

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